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Under the guidance of Sh. Abdullah Sabree (Chief Instructor), UMMA Martial Arts’ specialty lays in its unique use of the Holy Quran and Sunnah, and the examples they

provide to help all who train InshAllah; to build, to achieve, succeed and grow, both as individuals and as members of a greater society, whether young or old.

UMMA gives students a clear and easily definable structure as well as a set of requirements for training based on Islamic principles of character development, cooperative

learning and brotherhood/sisterhood


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What The Community Says

My progression in Tae Kwon Do through UMMA Martial Arts has been one of my greatest
accomplishments. Having worked with UMMA for 5+ years, it has helped me achieve many of
my goals in both my personal and professional life. I’ve had the chance to participate in a
number of demonstrations that have helped boost my confidence in presenting to large
audiences, as well as receiving mentorship by one of the instructors guiding me through my
highschool years. Due to UMMA’s diverse group of instructors, it has helped me grow my own
network of contacts; particularly in my field of study. UMMA has also provided me with a safe
and comfortable environment to learn Tae Kwon Do according to Islamic principles. By
attending multiple tournaments and competing against students from other schools, I learned
fairness, compassion and respect not just for myself but for others as well. Overall, I’ve grown
as not only a martial artist, but more so as a person through my time at UMMA.

Abdulwahab K

Have been attending UMMA for the past 3 years with my two sons at the Dar-ul-Hijra location. Not only do the classes allow me to work on my own physical fitness, but most importantly, it has helped my children improve their motor skills, gain a strong sense of discipline, build friendships and self-confidence as they have progressed over the years.

Br. Haroon Mir

Assalamualaikum, my name is Ahmed and I’ve been with UMMA since 2015. I’ve
learned a lot about how to defend myself in any situation, and how to fight back if necessary. My
sensei taught me from the ground up, and helped me to become a healthier person. ‘Know the
nature of self in order to defend self’ is a real true quote by our founder Br. Abdullah Sabree; it
really is important to know yourself best before you can try anything; it’s best to know your limits,
so you don’t hurt yourself. When I think about it now, it really is a healthy community to be part
of, because we’re all working together to become stronger, faster, smarter, and better people in
general. This is perfect place for all Muslims to learn Martial Arts, because we are just one big ummah


All of this has been possible through the excellent instruction offered by Br. Sabree and his troop of teachers. Of course, they are all very knowledgeable of their craft, but what sets them apart is their approach and attitude towards instruction. They are helpful, supportive, and most importantly, patient, particularly when it comes to helping my children learn new techniques. The instructors always take their time with them, relate back to when they were younger themselves, and how they too found it challenging but were able to overcome with hard work and practice which has helped my sons immensely.

Br. Haroon Mir

UMMA Martial Arts has helped me shape the person who I am, by allowing me to understand that there is no limit to anything. I have learned how to never give up and achieve my goals, and to keep on going, no matter what obstacles stand in my way. As an UMMA student, I really have been able to learn how to work hard towards developing who I truly want to be, not just by becoming a better student, but a better person through my actions and discipline.

Fatimah Gomez

The classes offer a range of activities with a great deal of variety which helps to keep the children engaged, whether it’s general techniques, patterns, self-defense, sparring, or weapons training, there’s plenty on offer for the students to learn. Furthermore, the classes are offered in an Islamic environment and context, and from a financial perspective, compared to other martial arts schools, UMMA hands down is a considerably better value! I would highly recommend them, and if I had to do it all over again, would not give second thought to joining and enrolling my children in UMMA Martial Arts classes.

Br. Haroon Mir

I’ve been training at Umma Martial Arts for about five years now. It has been a very good
experience for me Alhamdulillaah. It has added to my self defense skills and made me a
stronger and more skilled fighter.

Uzair Z