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Sisters’ Martial Arts and Self-Defense Program

UMMA. Martial Arts is one of the only martial arts schools in Canada that offer sister-only Martial Arts classes. One of our biggest goals is to empower women to learn martial arts. Some women may encounter certain obstacles which may prevent them from participating in martial arts. These may include a history of inactivity in sports-related activities, a lack of confidence, or discomfort in taking part among others.

Our classes emphasize:

  • Increased flexibility through stretching and meditation
  • Increased physical conditioning through regular training
  • Self defense skills through situation based scenarios
  • Resolving external and internal conflict
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self Realization
  • Self Perception
  • Empowerment

Unlike other courses that do not teach you about the conditioning needed to be successful in protecting and defending yourself, our course includes vital conditioning to prepare you to not only protect yourself but to become successful in your protection! Our course includes the conditioning needed for you to be able to apply techniques correctly to help increase your likelihood of survival.

Female Instructors for Our Sisters’ Program

Since our instructors are female, we are living proof that Muslim women can do martial arts, and do it well. We want you to gain more confidence, and feel good about yourself. This program will allow women of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to learn Martial Arts in a safe, comfortable environment. In addition, since women are physically built differently than men, we focus the training on the physical advantages that women have, and learn how to turn our disadvantages INTO advantages.

In this fitness-based class you will learn martial arts and self defense techniques while improving your strength, flexibility, confidence and comfort level.

Head Sisters’ Instructor: Ryhana Dawood